TriNet PeopleForce brings together a diverse group of business experts, politicians, educators and thought leaders to discuss critical, timely issues - ranging from diversity and racism in the workplace to employees' mental health to issues impacting bottom lines such as legislative updates, healthcare costs and maintaining cash flow.

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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
TriNet's Role as Guide and Support
The State of the Economy
Business Resiliency
The Future of Business

2020 Featured Speakers

Mona Sutphen

Former White House Deputy Chief of Staff, former Managing Director, UBS and Senior Advisor at Vistria Group

Eric Holder

82nd U.S. Attorney General

Scott Galloway

NYU Stern Professor, public speaker, author and podcast host

Dr. Abdul El-Sayed

Author, health director and public health professor

Brigid Schulte

Award-winning journalist, work-life balance expert and New York Times best-selling author of “Overwhelmed: How to Work, Love and Play When No One Has the Time”

Eddie S. Glaude Jr

James S. McDonnell Distinguished University Professor; Chair, Department of African American Studies, Princeton University

Dr. Ryan McGarry

ER physician, writer, director & cinematographer of Netflix series Pandemic and directed documentary TV series Code Black

Dr. Syra Madad

American pathogen preparedness expert and infectious disease epidemiologist

Burton Goldfield

President and Chief Executive Officer, TriNet

Samantha Wellington

Senior Vice President, Chief Legal Officer and Secretary, TriNet

Ralph Clark

President and Chief Executive Officer, ShotSpotter

Olivier Kohler

Executive Vice President | Chief Operating Officer, TriNet

Edward Griese

Senior Vice President of Insurance Services, TriNet

Alex Warren

Senior Vice President, Customer Experience, TriNet